My mom spent 9 months pregnant with me, 12 hours in labor for me, and 18 years trying to discipline me; but even she would agree my dad is responsible for where I am today.

When I was young and full of questions he thought it was fun to give me some really strange answers. Like the time he explained the circle of life by telling me there were dead people in our walls. Or when he just completely avoided answering what he did for a living.  Surprisingly, I never learned to stop asking. Even when I would ask him over and over again for something fun to do, and he would tell me to figure out ways to entertain myself.

I still don’t really know what my dad does for a living (maybe I should ask the men in black that come to question our neighbors about him every 5 years or so), but I HAVE learned a little about how to entertain myself. I do so by reading a lot of Chuck Palanhiuk novels, looking at and making a lot of art, and running on the most scenic trail I can find.

Lately, I’ve been trying to entertain other people too. So have a look around, and try not to think too much about the fact that my dad totally sounds like a serial killer.